Welcome to Homegrown Huskies

My love of Siberian Huskies started with my daughter's first dog. For her 7th birthday she received a black and white Siberian Husky she named Midnight. She watched Balto over and over and I blame that for this love of huskies. Now, as parents we all know when our kids get a dog we end up doing the work until they can do it all. For the first several nights Midnight slept beside my bed because he didn't like it outside. I was always a firm believer that dogs were outside animals. My parents never allowed them in the house.

Fast forward 15 years I just sold my restaurant and wanted to start something new that my whole family could be involved in. My kids were mostly moved out and busy with their own lives. My youngest was at the age where he really wanted a dog. He was old enough to care for one so I decided to start researching dog breeding. We had local breeders with other breeds that seemed to love the work. I visited with them as well as my kids to see what they thought of the idea.

We decided on a Siberian Husky and it took several months to find the right one. I flew in Casper from North Carolina as a puppy. I loved him immediately. Shortly after I added Sabrina and Sadie to the pack. From that point our pack has grown a little bit and some have moved on to their furever pet homes. To this day it saddens me to send the last puppy home because I miss them.

Mason loves his puppies!