Happy Harvest 2019!

It has been a bit since my last post... It has been a fun harvest so far. Though I don't think via reading text you can ascertain the level of sarcasm in my tone. We are done with soybean harvest and about to move on to corn. We have broken down twice and dealt with some lovely weather. We will get it done, just not as quickly as some others.

Something new we picked up this year was some automatic hitches. Sometimes I think my old body just cannot take the up and down out of a tractor any more, but I love my job. The bean dust, the soreness that means you have had a good days work in. This week the boys will join us to help bring harvest home and if the weather cooperates we just might get done before November.



We have started our search for another stud to bring some red into our lines. None of our boys will be leaving us, but we need some new blood. The search will likely take months if not longer. We will share more stories with you as we know more.

In November, we will likely welcome a couple of litters of puppies. We know everyone is anxious to see what comes. Check out our Planned Breedings page to see what we have in store for you!

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