About Us

Our Family

We have lived in Vail Iowa for over 20 years. Our family has been actively involved in the community and my children attended the local school. Our farm is located on several hundred acres of family land that has been in the family for many generations. As a farm family we understand the value of hard work and the importance of the role our animals play in our lives.

I have been blessed with three wonderful children. My oldest daughter's children are visitors regularly and helpers when I need it. They spend as much time with the dogs if not more than I do myself. My middle daughter Ashley handles all of the technology related items like managing our website and Facebook page. I'm learning, but I'm not ready to take on all of it. My youngest comes home and plays with the pups and helps me when I need it. My kids and grandchildren are very important to me, I count my dogs as my kids.


Our Pack

We operate on a farm and our dogs are raised outside in their own building that provides them with room to play. We do walks and free runs when needed, but we also have wild animals to keep them safe from. One thing is for sure, huskies shed a lot. You could create a new dog with all the fur they lose every week. With raising the dogs outside our puppies are also outside. We built 'crate' like bunkers for each of the moms to birth in. This helps with crate training when a pup goes home to a house where they will be inside. We have had some really good results with bell training and crate training.


Raising Puppies

Raising puppies and dogs to be happy and healthy is our main goal. Our program involves many people to make that possible. Myself and my family are involved from day 1 of a pups life and many times even after they leave our care we stay involved.

It is our belief that the mother makes a lot of difference in the behavior and temperament of a puppy. When we expand our pack we keep females because of their mothering potential and the importance we believe it has.


Recently the FDA provided warnings about the relationship between grain free food and food with legume fillers. We do not feed one consistent food, instead we mix them for a well rounded nutritional balance. We recommend new owners do the same. We feed a combination of Hill's Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan Savor, and Taste of the Wild.

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Veterinary Care

Many breeders choose to provide the vaccinations they are allowed to by law on their own. We can do this, but have opted to take our puppies in at 6 weeks for a thorough checkup with our veterinarian. This accomplishes a few things, immunizations, socialization, and car travel. All of these things are important for a healthy dog. Our veterinarian specializes in small animals and her husband who is also a veterinarian specializes in large animals so we get both of them out to the farm regularly for our cattle and our dogs.


Socialization with different groups of people is very important. We try to incorporate our whole family in early to get the puppies used to children and adults. We start early neurological stimulation (ENS) to help them deal with stress early so we can avoid stressed out and anxious puppies later on.

Lila Bruck

Lila Bruck


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